From Siamese Prison to Mormon Memory

“…the King confined bro. [Trail] 71 days in a Siamese prison, 14 feet square, with 50 other prisoners, some were confined for debt others for stealing &c several ware put to the rack to draw out a fu [teekals (tikal money)]…”  –Elam Luddington April 1854

A day after Elam Luddington baptized his first and only convert in Siam, Captain James Trail, the King of Siam thrust the convert into a debtor’s prison without food.  The captain’s crime was misunderstanding a command and firing a salute from his ship in the rhodes of Singapore.  

With only one baptism, is it possible that Luddington’s apparent failure washed him from our collective Mormon memories?…

Here is my article published in the Juvenile Instructor on 28 June 2013:

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