Sacrament Meeting Disrupted

Blaine, Minnesota
The Blaine Lakeside Ward’s sacrament meeting was disrupted Sunday by the appearance of a family of ducks that apparently came for the bread but had no intention of staying for the talks.
The duck family, which consisted of a drake, a hen, and eight ducklings, arrived during the opening song, seating themselves in  the center pew, two rows from the stand.  Initially the ducks were reverent, sitting quietly during the announcements and even showing appreciation by the usual sign upon the release of Ward Executive Secretary  Larry Jensen.
However, the ducks became agitated during the sacrament hymn, quacking loudly and flapping their wings as the Priests began to prepare the bread, which in this case was two loaves of Sara Lee Buttertop White.
Following the prayer, Chase Fielding Morrison, a member of the Deacons Quorum, solemnly passed the full tray of bread to the father of the duck family.  The elder duck grabbed the handle in his bill and set the tray on the pew, setting off a flurry of noisy consumption, during which feathers literally flew.
Sister Janice Thompson, who was occupying a seat at the other end of the row, had to loudly clear her throat several times in order to get the ducks to pass her the tray.  At that point one of the ducklings began to follow another of the Deacons, but was quickly corralled by its mother.  The ducks left abruptly when the priests covered the remaining bread with the Sacrament cloth.
Ward reaction was mixed.  L. Merv Funt, 2nd Counselor in the Sunday School Presidency, was among those who were disappointed by the disruption, stating, “I almost sent L.Merv, Jr. out to the truck to get my 12-guage, but I couldn’t remember if it was duck season or rabbit season.”
Sister LaJuanita Jo Briggs Myers allowed that while the ducks were seemingly modest, “they weren’t wearing a stitch of clothing.  At least Donald Duck wears that little sailor shirt of his.”
Bishop Taylor Snow was more accommodating.  “To have an entire family of investigators show up out of the blue, what a golden opportunity .  We want them to feel welcome.  We’re sending the full-time missionaries out to work with them regarding appropriate sacrament behavior.  Let’s face it, this is nothing new.  The Church has always had a few members who were rough around the edges.  For gosh sakes, the Brethren used to spit tobacco juice on the floor of the Prophet Joseph’s home until he received the Word of Wisdom.”
The duck family could not be reached for comment.
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Photo Credit: Charmaine Mendonsa

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